We write high quality PHP code, with an eye for detail and the customer's best interest at heart.


By investing in ourselves, taking pride in our knowledge and having fun while getting the job done!


What do we do and how do we do it?

Our expertise is based around two specialities: developing APIs and upgrading of legacy projects. First of all, we love the internet and strive to connect internet based systems that would otherwise never have heard of each other, thereby creating a truly networked environment.

On the other hand however, we do not like code that has become hard to maintain or impossible to upgrade properly. Mash those two principles together and you have what we want to stand for: a reliable business partner that specializes in writing professional, extendable and maintainable code that is ready to have a conversation with the rest of the internet.

Let’s have a closer look at our main specialities:

API design

API design has become very important over the recent years: the more the internet grows, the more the amount of applications that have specialized data grows too. We set out to be a partner that is capable of glueing all of those applications together using APIs that provide exactly what customers desire. All our APIs are built using industry standards and are provided with extensive documentation.

Upgrading of legacy code

The existence of legacy code is a problem that almost every organization faces: applications that were developed years ago cannot be upgraded successfully or have been built in a code style that has been surpassed by new practices ages ago. We use recognized platforms like Zend Framework and Symfony to upgrade your legacy code. This way, you’re assured of getting a product that will be properly supported in the future.


Our development process

For both mentioned tasks, we adhere to a strict development scheme that involves extensive unit and integration tests, assuring that the code we deliver can easily be extended in the future, without having to worry about future refactoring breaking essential functionality of your applications.

Some of the techniques we use to develop robust and reliable applications are:

  • Domain Driven Design
  • Event storming
  • Unit, functional and acceptance testing
  • Continuous integration and continuous deployment

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